Our Services

Teen & Young Adult Therapy

As a parent, you love your child and feel responsible for their success in life.

Couples Therapy

Romantic relationships offer so much joy when they are going well and so much pain when they are not.

Family Therapy

Many people experience painful disconnection in their family relationships.

Trauma/Crisis Therapy

Trauma and abuse are so common in our world. Whether it happens in the home or in another setting, people are impacted in severe ways by the things they see and experience.

Addiction Therapy

Many people find themselves living a life they don’t recognize. In the past, it felt like you had control, now it feels like your desires are controlling you.

Emotional Regulation Therapy

Emotions are a part of being human. When emotions take over, they can destroy relationships and leave you feeling angry and disgusted with yourself.

Relational Skills Therapy

Relationships are the most important thing about life. When they aren’t going well, it is so painful.

Crisis Intervention and Intensive Therapy

Sometimes things are so complicated and the issues are so pressing that a one hour session once a week isn’t enough.

Group Therapy

Struggling alone is overwhelming. There are so many people in the many that struggle the same way you do. You may feel alone, but really you aren’t. Research shows that group therapy can be among the most effective methods of treatment.

Community Speaking and Training / Consulting

We are available for small and large group speaking and training opportunities at schools, churches and other places of business. Contact us for your next educational event, retreat or seminar.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is to children what talk therapy is to adults. In play therapy, toys are like the child's words and play is the child's language helping them express what is troubling when they are not able to express their feelings in words.

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