Update on 3/24/20: Our counseling team just made the decision to go to video counseling/telehealth only for the next two weeks starting on Tuesday, 3/24/20. Thus, we will not be in our office until 4/6/20 at the earliest, but we will continue to see clients online. We listened to the governor today and just thought that with everything going on, it is important for us to protect our clients and everyone who enters our office from exposure to the coronavirus.

Telehealth Option: Many of our clinicians use the VSee Messenger platform for video sessions, but we are flexible with other options like FaceTime or Zoom. You are welcome to download VSee in preparation for the event that you have a session via video. Once you download the application, you will create a user account and let your clinician know your username. Your clinician will send you a contact request, which you can accept prior to the session. VSee can also be used for group therapy. Let your clinician know if you have questions about this option.


Update on 3/16/20: We recognize that this is a complex and difficult time for you and your families. For that reason, the staff members at the Center for Family Transformation (CFT) are taking appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of our clinicians and clientele. We want to help you feel assured and informed of the following:

  • We are sanitizing our offices with specialized cleaning supplies. If you need the comprehensive list of supplies used due to allergens/other health reasons, your clinician would be happy to send that to you.
  • We are taking extra precautions, including cleaning door knobs daily, spraying our couches with thieves essential oil spray, diffusing thieves in our individual offices, and providing wipes and hand sanitizer for clients/staff as needed.  
  • We are also putting away blankets, fidget toys, and stress balls and any other items that are commonly shared among clients for the time being.
  • We are encouraging clients who are feeling unwell to participate in telehealth sessions or postpone sessions to a later date. 
  • We are committing to you as our clientele that as clinicians, we will only attend in-person sessions with you if we (and those in our household) are feeling physically well and symptom free.

As our community and country get a better understanding of the health concerns we are facing, please stay safe. We look forward to staying connected to you and overcoming these challenges together.

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