About Our Practice

Pain is a part of life. Relationships are hard. Difficult events leave you wondering how you are going to make it through. Finding a therapist who gets it can be overwhelming. We know your situation is complex and explaining it to a stranger can feel scary. The therapists at the Center for Family Transformation want to link arms with you in the struggle, give support and care for your unique situation and offer hope for the future.

The Center for Family Transformation exists in the Lake Norman area of Charlotte, NC, and specializes in therapeutic intervention, prevention and treatment for adolescents, young adults and their families. The goal is to restore healthy identity in each individual and to renew connection and belonging to the family. Our hope is that this will prevent mental health struggles, traumatic experiences and addiction issues from stealing the future of the clients and families we serve.

Give us a call or shoot us an email (click on the contact us page) to get started. We will return your call or email within 24 hours (during the business week). We offer a free phone consultation so that you can ask any questions you have about the process. After that, we will schedule with you for an initial appointment so that we can begin the journey together.


Our Team

Finding a therapist who is the right fit can be tricky. We help you with that process by offering a free phone consultation and discussing all of your options. We want what is best for you and will do our best to offer guidance and get you the help you need.

Monica Mouer

Monica Mouer

MS, LPCS, CSAT, EMDR certified,
Founder and Clinical Director

Monica is the founder and clinical director of the Center for Family Transformation. She is both a counselor and a consultant. To read more about Monica, click on her photo above.

Sherri Robbins

Sherri Robbins

MA, LPCA, NCC, EMDR trained

Sherri’s desire is to provide compassionate, professional therapy that inspires every person to live out his or her full potential.  To read more about Sherri, click on his photo above.

Christy Cole

Christy Cole

MA, LPC, EMDR trained

Christy has a passion to create a safe space in which healing, hope, and restoration can occur. She enjoys working with clients in a collaborative effort to set and reach the goals they desire. To read more about Christy, click on her photo above.

Kyle Ferlic

Kyle Ferlic

MA, LPCA, EMDR trained

Kyle believes his diverse background and skill set brings and interpersonal and goal-oriented perspective to every session. To read more about Kyle, click on his photo above.

Brian Dotson


Brian has a great deal of lived experience in helping people find wholeness through the various seasons and challenges of life.  He is committed to building a therapeutic relationship with clients built on empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence. 

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