This time of year is often so full of joy. However, it also can be a time full of stress, sadness, and difficulties. Through the busyness of the season, we can feel overwhelmed by the extra responsibilities of the season. For many it feels like an endless to-do list of shopping, decorating, cleaning, organizing, hosting, cooking, planning surprises, and orchestrating activities. All of this comes with an immense pressure to make this season special. We can become distracted by all of this and forget to slow down and remember the blessing that this season represents. 

For some, this season brings sadness. We often miss the people who have passed that were a part of so many special memories during family celebrations. This time can bring up good memories that remind us of how much we miss our loved ones.

Sometimes, the holiday season can foster conflicts with family, especially those with unresolved issues or those who do not understand boundaries. There can be a whole host of things that come up. It can feel stressful to interact, experience joy, and stay true to our best selves through the stress. 

For my blog post this week, I wanted to share a letter from God that I wrote a few years ago. During that time in my life, I needed a lot of healing. I needed a reminder of God’s immense and unimaginable love for me. So I picked out some passages from the Scriptures and rewrote them in a more conversational and poetic way as if God was speaking to me directly. I hope the letter can serve the same purpose to everyone who is reading this. This season is meant to remember and celebrate God’s love for us. He came down to earth as a human baby, humbled himself to be dependent on the love and care of others so that he could demonstrate His love for us. He lived His life to show us love, and He died because He loves us and wants to be with us for all eternity. Love comes from God, we are able to love others because he first loved us, and the love we experience from others is because they have been loved by God. As we enter into this season, it is important to take a moment and reflect on God’s love. Let us quiet with God, be in His presence, and embrace the love He offers us.

I pray for each of you that no matter what this season brings, God’s love can be your motivator, your anchor, your refuge, and your joy. I hope you enjoy this letter. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Many Blessings,


My beloved,

​I wish I could fully explain my love for you, but it is unfathomable, it is too great to fully grasp(1). Look at this world around you. The glorious mountains, the breathtaking ocean with all its mysteries, the starry night sky in all its beauty, the birds that fly, the leaves of the trees, this world is magnificent, but it is nothing compared to you(2). You are more precious than any of that. You are my treasure(2). You were created to reflect love(3). You are a light in the world of darkness around you(4). I find such bliss when I look at you and I can’t help but sing(5). You are the apple of my eye. I cherish you above all else6. My love, I want to spend eternity with you(7).

​How you feel is so important to me. I know when you are mourning, I know when you are filled with sorrow. Even if you can’t see me, I am there when you cry.  I catch each tear that falls and keep it. Each of your tears is precious to me(8). 

​Sometimes you may feel distant; there are times that we are both hurting. But I want you to know that I’m not going anywhere. I’m always here(9). No matter how much you think you mess up, there is nothing you could do to make me stop loving you(10).

​I have searched all the earth for you(11) and now that I have found you, I won’t let go of you. I promise to always do what is best for you(12). I promise to always fight for you, and I do go to battle for you(13).

​I carry you close to my heart(14), my dear.  My love for you is everlasting; my love for you is the greatest power in existence. There is no other power that is great enough to separate my love from you(15).

Always yours,


Scripture References:

1. Ephesians 3:19

2. Matthew 10:29-31, Isaiah 40 is where I got my inspiration God is so big and he created everything,

 but he calls you a treasure, he calls you precious, his special possession. Proverbs 3:15, 1 Peter 2:9

3.  Gen 1:26 we are created to reflect God 1 John 4:16 God is love

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5. Zephaniah 3:17

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7. John 3:16 also This is the story of the entire Bible; he wants to have a relationship with you and 

died so that he could be with you for all eternity

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