The Center for Family Transformation was birthed out of the idea that true connection and belonging in a parent/child relationship, a coupleship, a group or a family has the potential to heal more than any other therapeutic technique.  We need relationship. Period. It is a fact. It’s tough because while relationships can be the most fulfilling part of life, they also produce more pain than any other aspect of life.

What if I told you that it was possible to heal and restore your relationships?  Would you be willing to hope again? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to fight for your relationships?

The process of maintaining and restoring relationships most often involves looking at yourself, seeing what you are contributing, being willing to do the hard work to change what you can and then offering the hand of forgiveness and reconciliation to those who are important to you.  This is called “making relationships bigger than problems.” Doing this takes skill. It is not something that everyone knows how to do or is willing to do.

It is worth it, and here is why:

  • True connection gives us purpose
  • Belonging lifts our mood and produces joy in us and in those around us
  • Individuals who are experiencing a healthy bond are less likely to participate in compulsive activities that lead to life long addiction
  • Peaceful relationships nourish the soul and body
  • People who experience life giving relationships have more fulfilling lives that are characterized by positivity and appreciation instead of fear, sadness and anger

You can’t experience healthy relationships if you don’t have the skills to make them happen.  You can obtain skills from seeing healthy relationship modeled, but so many of us have grown up in homes where there is toxic conflict and dysfunction so we don’t learn what we need to.  Therapeutic experience is such a gift to our society. Therapy makes it possible to learn the skills needed in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Those who fully participate and diligently follow through on a therapeutic journey often find that their relationship with themselves and others improves, and they are able to obtain the thing that we all crave: connection and belonging in relationship that produces sustainable peace and joy across the lifespan.



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